In the year which marks the 111th anniversary of International Women’s Day, we will reflect on, and look back to the ‘inspirational’ women of our past. From the women who were traditional custodians of this land for tens of thousands of years, to pioneer women who made this country their new home, all who were a part of growing this great State now known as Western Australia, and we want to hear about them.

We are asking people to reflect on, and look to, the ‘inspiring’ women of our past for inclusion in the Roll of Honour and are seeking suggestions of women who made a significant contribution to WA’s history prior 1921 to be considered for acknowledgment in 2021.

When making suggestions please include your name and contact details, mobile/telephone, and email, and submit a maximum of 500 words responding to the following questions. You may also wish to add a maximum of two pages of supporting information.

Who are they and their date of birth (approximate if unknown)?
What did they contribute to community / society?
Advise if a high-resolution photograph or image is available?
Attach any supporting documentation (maximum 2-pages)

Send your suggestions to by 5pm, Friday 12 February, 2021.

To view a list of the ‘Roll of Honour’ Inductee’s to date, click here.

If you have any questions please email