Inductees 2016 - Roll of Honour - Melvina Alice Rowley (d. 2016)

Roll of Honor - Melvina Alice Rowley (d. 2016)

Melvina Rowlet gave her life to the Aboriginal women of Western Australia, particularly when they were confined to reserves and not welcome in most white communities.

She learned and then wrote "primers" in one of the languages of our northwest then taught children and adults to read their own language. Her greatest achievements relate to her work with the Aboriginal people of W.A, including the Balga Aboriginal Evangelical Church.

There is a short biography available from her family called "Guided and Provided" At least one aboriginal language has been written and taught to the people because this wonderful lady cared.

She has been a good role model because she lived with the aboriginal people; in the same areas and in similar conditions, showing them how to manage a changing social order and many of the children of the women she worked with have themselves become role models in their own communities.

Her certificate will be collected by her daughter Evelyn Ashley.

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