Inductees 2014 - Dr Cynthia Dixon

Dr Cynthia Dixon

Dr Cynthia Dixon, Playgroup Founder

Dr Dixon has made significant contributions to both the community and education in WA. As mother to 4 young children, she established the playgroup movement in response to the need of her youngest child.

She was involved in the Alternative School movement, made significant contributions to the development of Scripture teaching in WA, developing a curriculum for students who had no formal tertiary qualifications within a university, community and education department collaboration.

Cynthia lectured at Edith Cowan University whilst raising her 4 children and completing her PhD in the nature of belief in adolescents.

She has made a significant contribution in the Anglican Church as a member of a local parish, a Synod member, a member of various committees and working parties including a taskforce on Domestic Violence. She continues to be involved in the selection and development of new clergy.

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